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simple, more officers on the street equals a drop in crime. others argue for more policing outside forces. >> council members of the committee were supportive. i can only be hopeful that that positive support will continue to the full council. >> the reason why we'd be skeptical of the quick schemes is that they seem to work to take community voices, community experience off the table. >> opponents say they have in the city council spend money on policing programs that have failed only to come back to the drawing board time and time again. >> a bonus to the pro pose skbral a pro pose qal to fund former new york and l.a. police chief bratten will have voices heard tonight at the city council meeting. >> good news on the weather front. cold street we've endured is almost over norngs's
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temperatures made for the seventh day with freeze warnings for a frost advisory. >> you're looking at a live picture from our camera right now. across the bay just gorgeous out there.uóñ chilly, though. >> chilly. the cold snap is winding down. spring tra away no. clouds in the sky. morning waits brutally cold in spots. low temperatures official lows dropped to 26 at santa rosa. 26 in fairfield. 27 in napa and concord. low 30s in other locations and there was a brutally cold morning but things are changing now this, evening looking at ngt forecast we'llr?w see clear skies, will be cool, chilly but temperatures ranging from about 39 to 46. then, tomorrow morning we'll get to have a chilly start, low dropping to did 28 in fairfield. most locations will not see lows in 20s tonight by. tomorrow, milder conditions developing. g as a matter
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of fact, highs from about 56 to 60 tomorrow z higher temperatures are in the forecast in the near future, i'll have that for you. >> virtual heat wave. >> yes. right. >> during this scold snap, one hot item in stores is space heaters. employees say thaich had to order extra heaters, stores are seeing an increase of sales of weather stripping, gloves and scars. >> -- scarf autos they're setting fires and trying everything they can with growers spent five nights trying to keep freezing temperatures from damaging their crops, so far, it appears the naval orange crop escaped damage but the cold we're experiencing damaged the orange drops that is more vulnerable. >> coming up in 10 minutes a charity that helps people deal with cold temperatures. >> january has been colder than average, what pg&e says
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about energy usage. tanker that hit the bay bridge. the pilot made a turn just before passing under the bridge. it clipped a talent causing millions of dollars in damage. our media partner reports the pilot planned to follow the yellow line. but forwów83 some reason changed lanes to cross near the red line on the map. >> san francisco board of supervisors has voted to ban smoking at outdoor fess values and parades. the vote came in just about past hour, block party woz not be subject to the ban. proponents say police will not be pa patrolling but depending on pier pressure and a campaign to keep people from lighting up. if the ban÷$y gets final approv, it could take affect in time for the chinese new year's parade in february.
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>> new video of facebook's new search feature. >> it allows users to search social connections for information about which friends share interests. it will help users who want to scroll through fotors friends have taken let's say in paris or search for tv shows. the ceo says the searc]qn feature is privacy aware, meaning users can only search for content that has been shared with them. today's unveiling in menlo park will have more on how grass search works coming up at 5:00. >> registration started today for online course that's some people say could be a game changer for higher education. >> abc 7 news is at san jose state university. governor brown is praising the university's efforts. >> happening now, san jose state launches a pilot program to offer online courses for
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credits. governor brown on hand for official announcements. the goal toin crease access to higher education and reduce costs. san jose state partnered with the silicon valley start up called udacity two. math and one statistics class, each costing $150. the governor says online education is a key component in soflg the state's education crisis. >> it's an experiment. we're going to learn together that. is how i think we'll succeed f we stumble, we'll stand up and try something else. >> for now, size will be limited to 100 students. half of the seats reserved for community college students. courses begin at the end of the month. udacity's ceo says other states are expressing interest. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 walmart's pledge to create jobs in america and
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help it's giving veteran autos then at 4:30 what is next for lance armstrong now that he's admitted to using performance-enhacing drugs during his cycling career. >> looking at traffic right now, for drivers heading south towards peninsula, things moving very well here on this stretch. but drivers trying to make their way east across the bay bridge. going to take time. stay wi
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we're looking at sky 7 hd live. traffic is still slow following a crash between a
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big rig and a car within last hour. that crash shut down northbound lanes south of petaluma. there are no major injuries but the chp warns that this remains on northbound lanes all the way to novato. >> walmart announced plans to create lots of jobs saying it will buyh#l $50 billion in u.s. products over the next decade. and the retailers taking a step to help vet trans. walmart announcing it will hire every veteran that lost a job and hon rab bli left the military in the last year, walmart expects 100,000 people to find work through this program. the unemployment rate for veterans stands at nearly 11%. >> walt disney company's program heroes work here provides job opportunities for returning service members over the next three years. for more information go to abc 7 and look under see
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it on tv. disney owns abc 7 news. >> this is a down day for apple and shares of facebook were lower after the big announcement about the new search tool. >> emily chang joins us now with this afternoon's after the bell report. hi,znçj emily. >> hey there, larry and carolyn. itwjñ was there today and mark zuckerberg said koit be a business in the future he didn't go into detail the)é(0 saying they're going to focus on make prog duct better first advertiseors told us it has potential. investors weren't necessarily impeace presed with shares closing lower for the day. another down day for apple stock. shares fell more than 3% to close at an 11-month low. how can they get shares back up? john scully has ideas and tells bloomberg tv apple needs to overhaul it's supply chain
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to focus on a merging market. >> so much of the success has been in develop markets like us us and europe. they're getting saturated at high ends. and now price points are going to be different. >> chilly says he has confidence in tim cook calling him the right leader for apple. and ali ba. ba group founder says he's stepping down in may. he will remain as chairman. in a memo says he wants to turn over the company to the next generation of young leaders. the move is fueling speculation at alibaba may be planning an ipo. stocks ended day mixes an investors remain concerned about debt ceiling discussions. your bloomberg silicon valley closed lower, apple, and hewlett-packard some drag there's. >> and the last time bloomberg
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west visited with ross levinson he took us for a spin in los angeles there he is in los angeles.p%ypy now, he's just been hired as ceo of gugen him digital media a spinnoff from gugen him partners. he will oversee hollywood reporter and work with dick clark productions. i'm emily chang, larry, carolyn, back to you. >> thank you. this cold snap is having a big impact on the homeless. but one group is offering much-needed help. we have more in san jose. >> thank you so much. >> 100 homeless people who have been suffering have found salation. >> it's been a cold winter this year. and this is terrific.
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>> sacred hard dubbed them survival facts. under wear and stocks -- socks >> things are hard. they helped us a lot. food, clothes. lots of things. >> this happened twice per month on the first and 15th once someone receives one their not eligible for three months fwhu is just a fraction their closet features hundreds of people each day. >> it's just a very, very important, especially for children growing fast. you think how expensive coats are. we've seen many kids with runny noses and very light jackets on. we want to make sure everybody leaves here warm. >> they have given away thousands of coats and
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blankets. they go quickly. individuals, families and businesses. if you'd like to take part go to abc 7 abc 7 news. >> and thankfully cold snap appears to be winding down down here. >> warmer weather approaching the weekend. that is good news for those of us tired of the deep chill. western skirks you can see sky is sunny at this hour. a cool one around the day area precipitation free at the moment. let's take a look at our readings, it's cool in spots. temperatures into upper 40s in livermore, mid-50s in other locations up to a52 here in
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san francisco. and the 24 hour change indicates a few degrees milder today than yesterday in most locations. so we're moving in the right direction. if you are looking for milder weather. a cold snap will be chilly in spots. sun year, milder tomorrow, milder days heard into next week. overnight 32 in napa. livermore just below freezing. owe 30s in vallejo. not wide spread 20s we've seen a lot several nights. looking at pacific satellite image you can see high pressure building in deflecting jet stream well north. with no storm system headed our way. and we have milder afternoons coming for the remainder of the week throughout the weekend. we'll see highs by the weekend climbing into mid-60s.
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campel in the south bai. 59 in san jose. sunny skies on the peninsula tomorrow, highs upper 50s to around 60s in palo alto and mountain view. downtown, 57 tomorrow, 55 in the sunset district. santa rosa. 59 in oakland. inland east bay, mid to upper 50s, up to 58 in danville. and near monterey bay, highs äé1fknd 60 degrees, here is the accu-weather forecast. we'll see high temperatures continuing to climb+ú graduall. low to mid-60s by friday, saturday, low 60s sunday. and so it's getting milder. that is our relief we've been looking for. >> yes. you know it's going to get cold again. >> yes. >> thank you. >> coming up next, will miners
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be jinxed? we'll show you the cover. >> and a rare lesson as students get the opportunity to touch and study a whale. >> another look at traffic. the bridge oncoming traffic headed to the east bay. it's pretty good at this hour, better for folks on the righthand side of the screen heading towards
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all right. 49ers quarterback and coach jim harbaugh on the cover of sports illustrated. >> check it 'f out. there is a headline holly smokes, i believe. i'm not sure t(6k picture is that flattering. what do you think? >> not exactly. >> yes. h and says shout it from mountain tops you werehead dead on, however, if you believe in jinxes niners were on the si cover heading into last season's nfc championship game them. lost in overtime. >> and no way, we don't believe in that jinx. ready for the game. he's ready. a lot of pets.
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he says bring birds on making a reverence to the atlanta falcon autos then, this little girl is decked out in her cheer leading outfit. you can e mail your fan photos. we'll be posting them and show as many as we can on the air. >> moving on, lindsay lohan makes a plea and arnold schwartzeneggar talks about being an action star in age 65. >> that is remarkable. >> lindsay lohan pled guilty to not guilty to charges stemming from a june car accident. lindsay is accused of lying to police, reckless driving and she's been ordered to appear for both a pretrial and probation violation hearing january 30th. last night, the red carpet was packed for the premier of arnold schwartzeneggar's flick,
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last stand. the former governor told us that at 65 years old, he's more than willing to deal with the pain that come was the job. >> you do feel the pain, you get worried bit. come back, and its just going through it. you know? that is what it's all about.l?e >> and jennifer lawrence may have just won a golden globe but fans of the hunger games are being awarded this week and and i'm rachel smith in los angeles. >> and still ahead on abciq/ news at 4:00 in marin county a gun buy pack program is underway. >> and lance armstrong coming clean with oprah but officials
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are saying it's not nearly enough. >> i'm michael finney. finding a perfect tv before the big dame.ìtm -- game. i'll show you which can make it feel you're you're sit
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happening now in marin county a gun buy back program is underway. >> mark matthews joins us live in novato one of five locations in the county. mark? >> they've run out of money fismt buy back locations. let's start in marin city. deputies admitted they had no idea how many people would show up. it includes a rifle and an ak 47. >> i brought in an the ak. >> really? >> yes. >> i bought it in the clinton era because they were banning assault weapons but this is like, 20 years ago. i've had a change in my fell loss fi about guns. i wanted to get rid of it. =glifornia.w it was illegal in >> what do you think of the
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ban being proposed? >> i'm for it. >> he told me shootings in colorado and connecticut helped him change his mind. more assault weapons were turned in along with more than one sawed off shotgun. >> any weapons we do take in there is nudge tok said the old lady whose house is burglarized and that gun is stolen that that is not used in a crime next year, next month. or against a police officer. whatever. so we're happy to get it. >> the county district attorney raised $43,000 for this gun buy back. but it's gone now, they're handing out vouchers. >> and those vouchers wile weel attempt to do fund raising. if we can raise funds we'll, through public media get that information out. and people can come in with their vouchers and we'll honor
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those vouchersks÷y uk see theye going to be open until 8:00 p.m. tonight accepting weapons, coming up wharkts county district attorney plans to do y. 43,000 came up short. >> thank you. the president plans to unveil several proposals tomorrow aimed at preventing future school shootings. tomorrow, the president will likely introduce 19 steps he can implement including tougher penalties for gun trafficking. also, likely calling foreclosing loopholes in process for gun purchaser autos it's not enough. that is whatp!v the world antidoping agency says about lance armstrong's admission to oprah about using performance-enhacing drugs to help him win seven tight yelz. the agency says armstrong
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needs to make a full confession, under oath if he wants to reduce the ban from sports. abc news with more now. >> it isn't a surprise to anyone who covered him but his personal admission that has?" people shocked. >> i never thought he'd confess. >> for years, he denied it. and sources tell abc news in an interview, armstrong does a 180 telling cbs the interview was difficult he did not come clean in the matter that i expected. >> armstrong was legendary for his success on the road and in his fight against tevt testosterone cancer. stripped of the seven tour de frabs titles and banned from
4:30 pm
the sport for live. betsy's husband, frankie was a teammate and former friend of armstrong, one of the first to accuse the cycling star of doping. and says the key question now is... will armstrong name names? >> did he not do this on his soun. >> the u.s. doping agency says he must confess under oath in order to get a reduction in the ban from sports. >> everything is all about salvaging what is leflt of his career. >> he is said to be interested in competing in triathalon autos flash back here. the last video of lance armstrong here in the bay area, one of 131 riders who took part in the san francisco grand prix bicycle race. they kept it going several years after that.
4:31 pm
armstrong was a three-time champion. >> students were honored for efforts to combat human trafficking in the bay area, en of human trafficking awareness month. the despite efforts, advocates say people are not aware others around them are being forced into labor or prostitution into the at the restaurants i frequent or any neighbor's house. it's somewhere elts. that or its easier to think that is someone else's problem. >> advocates say it's exists even in congress allowing the act to expire two years ago, giving agencies more resources to help victim autos tickets to 49ers game are sold out, you can find some online. if you're planning a trip,
4:32 pm
tickets on stub hub range from $158 to $5,000. one person hoping to score $7700 for seats. the team says use reputable vendors. also, bay with a credit card when buying tickets, be aware of buying from scalpers you won't have protection from mike's reports start friday here on abc news. >> still ahead a girl scout cookie you'll see this year. >> and a san francisco supervisor's plan to rename sfo after a bay area gay rights pioneer. >> first, taking a look at this, a man's encounter a very large fish is caught on camera. >> from mount tam i have a
4:33 pm
less cold forecast coming up, stay tuned. >> we'll take a look at traffic here on the golden gate bridge. you can see it's smooth sailing for everybody with cars heading into the city of san francisco. a little bit thicker traffic heading northbound towards marin. stay with us.
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pg&e says we can expect higher gas bills because we're cranking up the thermostat, expecting gas use to run about 15% above normal meaning average customer will likely pay about $4 more this month compared to last january. pg&e is encouraging to us conserve, part of the savings program customers can get a 20% credit if lowering usage by 10% during december and january. it's ajuftd for weather. >> i don't think i'm going to get 20%. not the way the weather is going. >> it's been tough, but things are changing. >> yes. >> things are changing. clear skies we'll not continue to be locked in a deep freeze, things getting mild yes, tomorrow, nice weather picture shaping up, will be cold in great lakes which it is this time of the year. and showery and dry sunny in
4:37 pm
the nation's mid section, showers in pat civic northwest, tomorrow, state wide we'll be looking at sunny skies, cool to mild conditions, cool up north, highs into 50s. 68 in los angeles. 64 san diego. here in the bay area, after a chilly start tomorrow, not quite so cold tomorrow morning but we'll see slightly milder weather with sunny skies and high temperatures from mid to upper 60s to 50 degrees. and it's going to continue getting milder towards weekend so it's safe to go outside again. >> yes. >> thank you, spencer. >> fishing from a dock, in florida. >> take a look.
4:38 pm
>> here comes one, billy. oh! my god! oh, billy get him. >> yes. that fish grab add head of the fisherman's arm. he struggled before it let go and fell back into the water. thrk thing is enormous. that is just like a www wrestling match. they can grow up to eight feet long. and. >> he's fine. i do believe he has a bruise on the arm. >> a large snow ball right fit and a smart cat. >> what is trending with today's video autos thank you. here from what is trending
4:39 pm
with a run down. a thousand pechl in seattle, washington set a new world record for largest snow ball fight. >> amazing. and super tramp put up his take on the massive event. up next a cat plays around in this video. it's has been making rounds in social media. and that is about it from what is trending studio. see you next time, bay area. >> a pup. treatments one doctor used to save this dog's live. >> in san francisco, what has
4:40 pm
56 vertebrae, 30 feet long and high school students going oh, and ah? it's a whaefl i a story on how it got to. >> you're looking at a new big screen tv. taking a look at mini choices and tell you if paying more hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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researchers believe if women eat blue berries and strawberries now they can lower heart attack risks later in life, following habits of 93,000 womenñpç, between 25 and 42. results showed a trend, those who ate more than three servings of blue berries and strawberries each week had a lower heart attack risk than those who did not. the study appears in journal circulation. and girl scouts will be selling mango here is the cookie description from the web site. the cookie is called nutri
4:44 pm
fusion product claims adds preserved ingredients. and keep in miiig those cookies have a high count of three cookie servings has 180 calories. about the same as a peanut butter tagalong. >> way to crush my dream. >> a nine week old puppy is alive and well after ingesting antifreeze. this dog became really sick after licking antifreeze. she couldn't stand straight, falling over. her owner rushed her to the vet. turns out the only way to avoid kidney fail jur alcohol. >> they're harmful to kidneys so what we need to do is give them alcohol and in this case, we gave her vodka to try to mop up toxin autos wow. the vodka fed via a drip.
4:45 pm
the kind of boozey pup consumed with a third of the bottle. for human that's would have been having seven shots every four hours but it worked. >> and puppy was able to keep it down. >> you have several choices for super bowl to consider. >> right. which one to buy. >> yes. hundreds of televisions tested a year, paying top dollar doesn't necessarily mean topper perm yens. >> catching the gaimg is one way to see the super bowl this, owner planning a busy night. >> full crowd. 15 televisions. >> if you want to pick up a new tv, consumer reports can help.
4:46 pm
testers size up hundreds of tvs every year. >> one test is a motion bluff this, test is designed to expose how well a tv can reproduce fast movement such as in sports or action movie autos some lcds seem to have trouble. >> so like this one, have you a nice deep black level giving you a nice contrast. and bright scenes as well as dark scenes. this image will help flatter. especially in dark scenes. >> testers evaluate how pell they display color. this is from a solid gray scene to -- screen. >> a high price tag doesn't guarantee a great tv. >> testers did find several
4:47 pm
tvs to recommend, including this plasma for $1200. it's it has nice extras like 3 t and internetm)m2ñ ak se.s if u want to spend less, consumer reports recommends a 60 inch lg. it's got an excellent picture at a great price. we'll vit on our web site. >> thank you, michael. >> sure. >> a biology class turning out to be fun for students in george washington high school. >> they're taking a look at interesting creatures found in our ocean autos most of us read novel moby dick. but few students have seen and touched the real thing.t:@ñ
4:48 pm
granted moby dick was a white sperm whale this, is a gray whale, smaller but a chance and personal. >> you can put it on a table. that is what i can see you doing. >> dan is the owner encouraging students to explore by teching it. >> i'd rather this lasts 10 years and reaches 20,000 kids. than if the only interaction is to see it far away. >> the gray whale washed up in august, 2011. marine services they allowed the sun to have the way with the mammals. >> we went down it was skin and bones. like putting a carpet. there is just... >> he soaked vet brai in water with 26 ribs and a skull.
4:49 pm
the blow hole. few realize flippers have bones, too. >> this is interesting. ... som. this is awesome. >> this is not that bad. a heavy bone is the skull. >> i thought it would be heavier and harder to pick up. i thought it&vaaín would be lie kind of like, i don't know. more fragile. >> these guys just filter shrimps out of the water. >> he believes this kind of interaction gets students to become more curious about their world. >> as far as i know we're the only people crazy enough to pack up a whale in a truck and let kids feel it. >> next stop... lincoln high.
4:50 pm
>> what a cool experience. >> that is awesome. >> yes. >> yes. >> guess what diat school today? >> yes. >> don't forget to catch jimmy kimmel live. >> last night, he offered a pollution=lx to the debt ceilin, meaning we may have b;j sell florida so say goodbye to nana and paawpaw. >> you can watch week nights at the new time following abc 7 news at 11:00 and night line coming off after jimmy. >> i keep hearing that joke and i laugh every time.
4:51 pm
>> it's good. >> coming up, a possible name change at sfo. >> in sfo, will san francisco have harveyeiú milk? we'll explain coming up live. >> and coming up a cat sur vifz a hit in the chest by an arrow. a community is=)/b worried ther pet could be next. it's a story you'll see on abc 7 news. and people turning to the internet for a medical diagnosis. still not keeping people out of the doctor's office. those stories and more coming
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4:54 pm
a name change could northbound the works owe for san francisco international airport to change it to harvey milk san francisco international airport.
4:55 pm
>> first of all a majority of the supervisors would have to sign off on this measure, if they do, then, san francisco voters could wo gelt a chance to weigh in in november. harvey milk was assassinated in 1978. now, 35 years later the supervisor david campos thinks the time is right to recognize him, adding him hiz name to the city airport. >> he's grown to represent not only the fight for lgbt rights but for rights of all people. his was a message of hope. >> he played such a tremendous role for san francisco in general z also, for lgbt community around the world. >> they say there are 80 airports across the nation named for individuals but they're concerned none were openly gay people.
4:56 pm
and campos believes the time is right, now. >> there are nine million people from other countries.ú)kn about what he represent sigd can't. >> i studdeed him two days and in english flash. >> i might have to start with educating younger vote qlorz will be deciding on the measure, maria doesn't like idea of a name change. >> no. no. no. >> why not? >> do you know who harvey milk is? >> no. >> there are other problem -- probably historical figures that have done a lot of things for the city. the movement in the city. >> campos estimates cost about $50,000 hope to have it paid for with private funding. san jose says it cost them
4:57 pm
900,000ses today make the change there. >> thank you. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> thank you.5ñwg facebook unveils a search tool to find common ground with friends. >> a community is on edge. a neighborhood cat survived an arrow attack. it's a story only on abc 7 news. >> and hi there, everyone. guess what? we're getting ready to warm up. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> we have developing news tonight about a police officer shot and killed in sacramento county. >> police released new details about how it happened. the officer was responding to a burglary in the city of galt
4:58 pm
today. just before noon confronting a person near the apartment where the burglary was reported. the man reskpiftd pulled a gun, shot the officer. other officers could not get a clear line on the suspect. both suspect and officer died this,nwz;s the department's first officer killed in the line of duty since it opened in 1946. >> facebook made an announcement today that do could give google competition, facebook getting into the search business bringing it's one billion users closer to together.é(/8 david louie is live with more on this for us. david? >> it had to happen. facebook found a way to get users to find out information posted by facebook 1 billion other users likes, disi likes, home towns and morks much more.
4:59 pm
after a media event no, video cameras were allowed. >> people don't think about facebook to discover places to go eat or things they can do. >> facebook is calling it graph search letting users type in questions like what are movies my friends like. it makes everything public on facebook searchable. given previous flaps over privacy, mark zuckerberg stresses only content made public will show up they're not making anything visible thatn't now visible. but if i have an ugly picture posted it mate mai not be in >> users can put them selfs on a waiting list to try it out. zuckerberg says it could in time become a one stop service to

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